We are excited to make a significant investment in new leaders in their 20s and 30s. Our campaign is titled, “4G: Invest in the Future, Honoring the Past.”


Over the next year we are raising support to help impact young adults and our church. Our goal is to raise $500,000 which would make a great impact in the lives of young adults and our church community. We’d like to reach our goal by the end of 2022 and secure half of the investment ($250,000) by the first quarter of the year. Read More


Will you consider praying and contributing to the Faith Project? Your gift can go far towards achieving our goals. By God’s grace and your generosity, we are confident that our goals can be reached! Thank you in advance for your support!

Will you help us Impact the Young Adults?
  • Turning young adult professionals into marketplace evangelists.
  • Training young adults to be Christian apologists to a culture cynical about religion.
  • Helping young adults mature from a casually Christian life to Kingdom-committed one.
Will you help us Impact the Church?
  • Transitioning the spiritual and financial weight of the church from people born before 1960 to people born after 1960.
  • Investing four generations ahead to ensure the longevity of the church over the next 500 years.
  • Establishing a 4G culture so that we not only invest in the young adults today and but in the young adults yet to be born.
The Faith Project Goals
  • To raise $500,000
  • To Disciple 50,000 people
  • To develop 5,000 Kingdom Leaders
  • 500-year Vision
Faith Project Budget for Staffing  & Programs
  • Young Adult Pastor
  • Young Adult Coordinator
  • Young Adult Interns
  • Ministry Programs
  • Ministry Outreaches
  • Ministry Events





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