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Student Ministries


Zoe Kids is the Children’s Ministry here at Zoe Center. We are diligent in our mission of “Developing Young Lives for God’s Kingdom Purpose” through reaching children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a fun and exciting way!



The purpose of our ministry is to disciple & launch youth into leadership empowered by an unashamed love for Christ.


College/Career Young Adults

Zoe Center’s Young Adult Care Team serves the Young Adult community through engagement, generosity, and investment. Our Care Teams’ primary goal is to ensure our young adults are seen, heard, and cared for.




The usher team strives to create a welcoming experience with a warm smile and a caring demeanor. The usher will serve as a helpful escort for those requiring seating assistance during Sunday service or special events as necessary.



The greeter team strives to create an unforgettable experience with high energy and warm smiles. Greeters establish an inviting environment being knowledgeable about FAQ’s and church information.


Greeters/First Time Guests

The first-time guest greeter will exhibit love and warmth to our first-time guest, ensuring they feel welcome and know that it is a pleasure to have them as a guest.


Parking Lot

This team receives guests with a warm smile and wave, giving a welcoming first impression as they enter the campus.



The primary responsibility of the security team is to maintain order within the perimeter of the church and the safety for all who attend.


Pastor Assistants/Armor Bearers

The pastoral assistant team is one who strives to consistently, and willingly aid the Senior Pastor by creating an unforgettable experience. The Pastoral Assistant establishes a welcoming environment being knowledgeable about the Senior Pastor’s needs, FAQ’s and church information.


Adult Ministries


The men’s ministry is looking for men with a servant’s heart. Men with a strong relationship with Jesus Christ and believe in living according to the Word of God. These men must be willing to use their gifts and talents to help support the work of the ministry in different capacities, as needed.



The Zoe Women’s Ministry exists to provide opportunities for sisterhood, growth, service, and healing through the love of Christ.



The senior ministry focuses on men and women 55 years and older. We encourage those in this category to live life to the fullest by supporting each other, imparting wisdom & knowledge (that comes from experience) to one another, and to the younger generation.


Altar Call/Prayer

The prayer/altar call team is a group of believers who have received the fullness of the Holy Spirit. This team prays in agreement for personal requests, those seeking a reunited relationship with Jesus, for the infilling of the Holy Spirit, and help those grieving, sick or brokenhearted.


Community Outreach

The community outreach team strives to embody the needs of the community through food and clothing giveaways. Our team’s desire is to spend time nurturing, praying, and ministering the goodness and love of Jesus Christ through serving our community and others.




The primary responsibilities of the media team include overseeing media and technical aspects of worship services, editing video, ensuring a stellar online worship broadcast, creating strong visual for the online audiences.



The primary responsibility of the audio ministry is to facilitate the flow of service both on-site and online through the installation and control of audio equipment.



The purpose of the music ministry is to accompany, facilitate, and lead the people of God in worship through song.


Stage Manager

The stage manager prepares and makes sure that all stage settings are in place for Sunday service and special events as necessary.


Pre-Post Show

The responsibility of the pre-post show team is to introduce, host (or co-host), programming, and create links between online guests and members.


Sunday Service Director

The Sunday Service Director ensures and oversees the service flow and communications of all Ministries in the Sanctuary.


Social Media

The social media team assists in the development of online written and video content across ministries and for various church events primarily under the direction of the Social Media Ministry Leader.


Office Administration

The administration volunteer strives to be the best and serves behind the scenes and in the office by helping and caring for people administratively that are in ministry and community. The Administration Volunteer establishes an inviting environment being knowledgeable about office administration and tools, FAQ’s, and church information.


Volunteer Coordination

Ensure the Sunday check in for all volunteers as well as refreshes all volunteers physically with snacks and refreshments.


Next Steps

The next steps team provides resources and guidance to our new and existing members on how to take the next steps into the ministry of Zoe Center. Through Growth Track, Salvation, Baptism, Small Groups and Serving.


Special Events

The special events and hospitality volunteer team provides a welcoming gathering place for fellowship which also includes set up, design and hosting for special guests and events of the Zoe Center.



The primary responsibility of the finance team is to assist the accounting department with specific tasks that involve financial accuracy and Godly excellence.



The facility ministry exists to maintain and provide a safe, clean, and functional environment while improving buildings and grounds that can be a comfortable atmosphere for all our guests and members of Zoe Center.


Zoe Merchandise

The Zoe Merchandise team provides various types of merchandise for sale on Sundays and special events as necessary.





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