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Want to thrive as you navigate adulthood? Are you desiring to make a lasting impact on our world? or Are you just looking for Christ-centered community? Young Adults, ages 18 – 30, Zoe Center is here for you! Our young adult ministry serves to encourage and challenge emerging adults to unlock God’s purpose for their lives through inspiring engagement with Christ and community.  During a period of transitions, our ministry’s goal is to equip you with tools to live out God’s best for your life. Zoe Young Adults compromise of emerging adults from all walks of life, with various engagement opportunities to meet their needs, to learn more check out our gathering tabs below.




“Gather, Grow, Gain”

Young Adults! Are you looking for a community to grow and do life with? Come Hangout with us! The Hangout is a gathering for young adults, ages 18-30, to engage in raw conversations about living out our faith in culture.


Join us!

2nd & 4th Sundays from 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Our Young Adult gathering, ‘The Hangout’ will be on break through the months of April and May, BUT we still want to gather! On 2nd & 4th Sundays after service, the young adults will be hanging out off campus. After service, visit the young adult team in the foyer and we will leave as a group to that Sunday’s location.


For more details email, and a leader will be in touch!





In the story from, 2 Samuel 24, we see our main character David in a place of crisis. Because of David’s disobedience and neglecting his fever for pursuing God, the Father; his consequences affected the well-being of the people.


A prophet came to speak with David, and prompted him to go to the threshing floor, and at that place David met with the Lord, again. David was in a place of difficulty and instead of turning first to the Lord, as he did in the early days of his life; instead he turned to man’s strategy and plans.


Going to the threshing floor, is our call from a loving Father, to turn from our thinking, strategizing, planning, and submit first to God for His wisdom, leading, and guidance. During this month, take 15 minutes of uninterrupted time (morning or evening), set aside your phone:

1. Praise and thank the Father for His goodness

2. Ask Him for His wisdom and guidance for your life/destiny. 



In the story in Luke 7:36-50, we witness a story of forgiveness, gratitude, and true love. When we realize how much we have been forgiven, the only thing we can do is respond with true love and gratitude.


When Jesus died on the cross, He took the punishment for every one of our sins; past, present, and future and offered true forgiveness. How have you responded to this act of true love? During this month, every morning, before you start your day make a list of everything that you are grateful for.



In this story from Matthew 17, where Jesus revealed Himself in glory to the disciples. The disciples were aware of Jesus as a teacher, prophet, Messiah, but they received a new revelation of Him. After seeing this new revelation, the disciples were able to walk in the likeness of the Man that they saw.


Our desire as believers should be to walk in the likeness Jesus, like the disciples. We do this by daily repositioning our eyes and focus to look at Jesus. Before you get out of bed, spend 10 -15 minutes reflecting on Jesus’ love for you and spend telling Him that you are grateful for things He has done (be specific).




Are you desiring community, want prayer, or just a group to do life with? We got you! Zoe Center’s Young Adult Team is here to help you gather for wholistic activities, fellowship, bonding and real talk with a group you can thrive in! Let us know if you would like to connect by completing the interested form below.


Group Gathering Interest Form





College Ministry

Zoe Center’s College Ministry is created for emerging adults, ages 18 – 30, who are pursuing Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral education or Vocational/Trade Program. Zoe Center’s goal is for emerging adults to desire an authentic and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, find their ordained place in the world, develop skills in preparation for impending adulthood, and experience care and value from their church community.

College Connect Form


College Hangouts

College Students! Do you want to connect, but can’t gather in-person? Come Hangout online! “College Hangouts” are regular gatherings for college students to meet with peers, engage in conversations about their faith and culture, and create plan of action to daily live like Christ.


Join us on Zoom for the College Hangout

4th Thursdays from 5 pm – 6:15 pm





Zoe Center Internship Program Overview

Zoe Center is seeking Interns who are committed to God, to bring their energy, commitment and fresh concepts to our ministry areas. Interns enhance the vision of the ministry by providing creativity, influxes of new ideas and valuable experiences. Zoe Center’s Internship Program sharpens and develops young people’s technical and professional skills, strategic reasoning, and rapport building skills as they journey to follow God’s purpose for their lives.






ZC’s Young Adults meet weekly to pray for our generation. If you have prayer needs, we’re here! Join us every Tuesday at 7 pm on our Zoe Center Conference call (562) 999-7729.


If you have any prayer requests, please use the link to submit your prayer requests. Our pray team is ready to pray for your needs.

Submit Prayer Requests




Spiritual Growth

We have resources to support your spiritual growth journey through bible study plans, guides, and rededication tools. Get ready to discover the character of God, breakdown key concepts in scripture, and experience life transformation.



APPLE Bible Study Method Guide



Speak Into Our Gatherings!

If you attended our last gathering and would like to give us feedback, or you would like to speak into future gatherings, please use the link to complete the survey!

Feedback Survey





If you’ve been looking for new faith-filled songs to add to your playlist, look no further!

Worship Playlist

Day2Day Playlist

Christian Community Events

Christian Community Events that you may be interested in…

Disclaimer: The events listed have either been promoted through social media, Eventbrite, or other media platforms. These events are in no affiliation with Zoe Center, but have been included for faith-based event awareness purposes.


Monday Nights

Mondays, 6pm 

The Circuit Riders is a movement of dedicated individuals with a mandate to encourage gospel center lifestyles and obedience to scripture. 

Monday Nights are a weekly gathering in Huntington Beach, CA that hosts the Circuit Riders, local community, and young people to gather for worship, prayer and to seek Jesus as one.

Monday Nights Info


Greenhouse Prayer Room

Tuesday/Thursday, 8am

The Circuit Riders is a movement of dedicated individuals with a mandate to encourage gospel center lifestyles and obedience to scripture. 


Greenhouse prayer room hosts Circuit Riders and local community for a space of worship and prayer, details provided.



Jesus Image

June 6th – 8th

The Jesus 24, is a conference hosted by Jesus Image church. The purpose of these nights are to worship Jesus as the gospel goes forth. Bring the lost, sick, and all needing a fresh touch from God. When we worship Him, He comes.

Jesus Image







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